Tsuzamen is now available online :

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May 2016 Tour dates are here!

12.05. – Hangar49/Berlin
13.05. – Jüdisches Museum/Osnabrück
14.05. – Tipi/Leipzig Plagwitz
15.05. – Schlachthof/Wiesbaden

20.05 – Yearot Menashe Festival/Israel



September 30th, 2015

Here we go! Ramzailech’s most ambitious tour yet. Bring the volume, bring the peace.

21.11. – Zwischenbau, Rostock
22.11. – Hangar49, Berlin
23.11. – Schlachthof, Wiesbaden
24.11. – KuLa, Konstanz
26.11. – Desi, Nürnberg
27.11. – Kokolores, Künzelsau
28.11. – Muffathalle, München 
03.12. – Das Bett, Frankfurt

August 16th. 2015

Aug. 29th - Come to our show or die









So many new things, so many stories. TFF festival (Germany), was one of the best shows we did in the history of everything, you can watch it right here. We’ve played some DIY spots in Germany. We then proceeded for a romantic week in the studio in Tel Aviv, just the two of us, here’s a pic of us eating and not working in the studio:

Lunch break

We wrote tons of new music and hope to work on it some more in the next few weeks. There are two shows coming up in Israel:

August 29th – Levontin 7,  Get your discounted tickets in pre-sale right here

August 20th – Tzfat Klezmer Festival, Main stage

We’re planning another European tour in November. As we’ve promised before, our video’s ready and we just have to clear it legally because it’s a cover (!) of a rock song (!) and it’s re-translated (!!). It’s a bummer waiting so long for it to be ready, but it’ll be worth the wait, we promise.

We discovered that Instagram is so much more fun than facebook, mostly because we can tag the most random stuff on our pics and videos. You can follow us on Instagram just press this

Take care and remember we love you,


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November 6th, 2014

European tour starts soon!

November 15th – “Klezmore Festival Vienna” (AU)
November 16th – TBA
November 17th – Anděl Music Bar, Plzeň (CR)
November 18th – Club Stereo, Nuremberg (DE)
November 19th – Raum Der Kulturen, Leipzig (DE)
November 20th – Munich Jewish Culture Festival (DE)
November 21st – Kaffee Burger, Berlin (DE)

See you there!

September 4th, 2014

Shanghai, China! Here we come:

Ramzailech are headlining this year’s “World Music Shanghai” Festival along side with the legendary band “Kroke”

We are speechless, grateful and simply excited to share these good news right now. Our love goes to all of our fans around the world!



April 15th, 2014

Happy Passover everyone, here’s our Passover song – Fir Zin

You can download it here




April 4th, 2014

Some more great Ramzailech news:

May 17th – We’re gonna be the closing act of Ye’arot Menashe Festival 2014 (Israel)

We will be hosting with us onstage two of the most interesting acts in the Israeli music scene –

BEMET & Shai Tszabari


June 1st – We’re gonna play the closing concert at Ghanafest Folk Festival 2014 (Malta)

More updates and shows coming soon.


Ramzailech March 2014 Euro tour

Feb. 26th, 2014:

Hey guys, here are some hot updates –
*26/2 – Jerusalem show is relocating to “BASS” (Jerusalem)
*Internationales Klezmer Festival Fürth show is almost sold out so get your tickets while you still can.
* New album is on it’s way to you all(!)[!]{!}

26.2.14 our last show in Israel for the next few months so make sure you come and party with us and our new songs.
Love you all, many kisses


Feb. 11th, 2014 on the NapoLeon radio performance on 106FM:


We will be roaming in Europe in March 2014. More dates will be announced soon. These are the current German Dates –

March 4th @ Babylon Club, Fuerth
March 5th @ Raum der Kulturen
March 6th @ Kaffee Burger – Berlin

We will also play one show in Israel to get the dust off.



“Tsuzamen”, our new and long awaited studio album will be out in the next couple of months, we will bring it with us on tour so you could get your copy straight from our hands.

In the meantime, you can always get our debut album from 2011 right here on bandcamp


We’ve released the first track from the new album named “Ribono Shel Olam”, you can CLICK HERE and hear it

More to come, stay awesome and see you all soon on the road – Ramzailech