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“Who are these Israeli-post-traditionalist-hardcore-playing-yeddish-singing-klezmer-blasting-jews?”

Hardcore Klezmer pioneers – Ramzailech, bring tradition and ancient Klezmer roots with raw new rocking sounds spiced with Mediterranean flavors.

In 2005, Ramzailech built itself from the clubs and stages of Israel. By 2011, the band was touring Europe and Asia, breaking cultural and language barriers while climbing the stage’s barriers and jumping into the crowd.

The band’s upcoming “Secret Handshake tour” (Nov. 2015), brings Ramzailech together with Langtunes (Iran), an impossible goal until today, overcoming political prejudices. The tour sets to

deliver the gospel of peace, love and Hardcore Klezmer. Ramzailech are touring with their new

album: “Tsuzamen”.

Ramzailech are Gal Klein and Amit Peled.

Amongst Ramzailech’s memorable performances, you can find:
TFF Festival, (Rudolstadt)
Tzfat Klezmer Festival, (Israel)
Klezmore Festival (Vienna)
World Music Festival (Shanghai)
Ghanafest Folk Festival (Malta)
Internationales Klezmer Festival (Fürth)
Migration Music Festival, (Taipei)
Juwenalia Festival, (Krakow)
Stereoleto Festival, (St. Petersburg)

Photo by Gal Rumbak.


Photo by: Yoav Kedem. Indenegev Festival, Israel 2015.


Photo by Claudia Frenzel, TFF festival, Germany.

Credit Gaya's Music Photos -1

Photo by: Gaya’s Music Photos

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